The Bearded Taco

Bearded Taco

Twitter – @thebeardedtacos 
Instagram – @thebeardedtaco

The Bearded Taco serves up fresh tacos on hand rolled gluten free corn tortillas. Their menu has a Mexican foundation fused with other cuisines from across the globe. Expect offerings such as The Vietnamese Bhan Mi taco, Moroccan Chicken taco & their most popular Californian tempura gin and tonic avocado tacos.

The Bearded Taco will be parked up outside St Cannas from 12pm – 9pm on Saturday 20/06/20 – offering pre-ordered take-away and deliveries (to Canton/Grangetown/Roath areas only). 

Order details:
The menu will be up on The Bearded Taco’s social media channels and Order by emailing with preferred delivery/ collection time and they’ll reply with confirmation and payment details. 

Delivery Areas:
Canton / Grangetown / Roath Areas