Tafwyl is delighted to be collaborating with Philadelphia Folk Festival, North America’s oldest music festival, which typically attracts 35,000 visitors, and is celebrating its 59th year.

This is another pioneering festival, which is offering a fully digital music experience for the first time this year, taking place from the 13th-16th of August 2020.

Al Lewis, an Award winning Welsh language Singer Songwriter’s incredible performance at Tafwyl will be relived as part of the festival, as well as opportunities to enjoy some of Tafwyl’s other highlights.  Al said:

“I’m incredibly excited about sharing my performance from this year’s Tafwyl festival with the attendees of the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  I’m very proud of my Welsh roots and to be able to share our culture and music with people from across the world is one of the main reasons why I love doing this job.  I hope in the coming years’ I’ll be able to go to Philadelphia and perform these songs in person! Thank you to Tafwyl & Arts Council of Wales for enabling this project to happen.”

We are grateful to Wales Arts International for the support in making this possible. Eluned Hâf, Head of Wales Arts International said:

“As one of the International Partners of Philadelphia Folk Festival this year, and as part of our investment in the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages, we are proud to be able to bring Philadephia a Welsh postcard of music in the form of Al Lewis’s outstanding performance at Tafwyl. This is a fantastic opportunity to put Welsh music on an international stage and to capitalize on the ability of digital festivals to transport artists and audiences to all corners of the world – from Cardiff Castle to Pennsylvania.”