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WEDNESDAY, 12.05.21 | 12:00
Wellness hour

Time to take a step back from your busy life, and allow yourself to relax. Yoga session with tutor Efa Dafydd – perfect for a lunchtime break!


SATURDAY, 15.05.21


10:00 Yoga for kids

A break from schooling with yoga practices for the body and mind led by Eva Huw.

Most suitable for Primary School children, and their families.

lles_ eva huw

10:00 Mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness practices for children with Siwan Reynolds. Time to relax, meditate, and raise your energy levels through the power of binaural sounds.

Suitable for children and their families.

lles_ siwan raynolds

12:30 Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting isn’t always easy, and parenting in a pandemic has been an extra challenge. However, we all want the best for our children and to see them thrive. Come and hear about parenting, support for families and celebrating children’s rights.

Organised by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales


13:30 Bywyd a’i heriau

Tara Bethan discusses life, the mind, drag and more with the man we know as Connie Orff.

Organised by


14:30 H.I.W.T.I : Body Confidence

Join Mari Gwenllian (HIWTI), Shoned Owen (Tanya Whitebits), Ryan Evans (121Motivation), and Leo Drayton, as they share their stories, views on body confidence, and tips for self love.

lles_ hiwti

Sunday, 16.05.21 | 9:00
Hangover Yoga

Overdone it with all the Tafwyl festivities? Roll out your yoga mat, and stretch your way to recovery to set you up for the day ahead. 

A fun and relaxed session with yoga tutor, Tara Bethan.

lles_ hangover yoga