Homemade Tafwyl

With Tafwyl being held online this year, you’ll need to create your own festival vibe at home! How about decorating the garden with Tafwyl bunting by artist Efa Lois, or having a go at cooking your own version of Ffwrnes Pizza? If you’ll be able to collect some elderflower today, you’ll be able to make some elderflower champagne just in time for Tafwyl! Share pictures of your homemade Tafwyl with us on #tafwyl20

Tara’s top camping tips:

Elderflower Champagne:

List of ingredients here.

Tafwyl Bunting:

Download the bunting pdf here.

Tafwyl Paper Fortune-teller:

Download the paper fortune-teller pdf here.

Ffwrnes Pizza: