Cyw: Helô Shwmae Tafwyl!

What better way to start our day than with Huw and Elin and our friends from Cyw? Plenty of singing, dancing and fun – perfect to get us in the festival spirit!

Organised by Boom Plant –


Eco-Craft with Green Squirrel

Make your very own Bottle Bubble Monster at home! Let’s raid the recycling bin and craft drawers for the kit we need – it’s good to avoid buying anything new if we can be resourceful and use up the things we already have in our house. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the kit listed – you’ll still be able to make a great bubble blower.

What kit will you need?
A small plastic bottle
An old sock or pair of tights
An elastic band or old hair band
A craft knife or sharp knife (brief adult assistance needed here)
A small tub or washing up bowl
Washing up liquid

Optional kit for decoration:
Chalk pens / paint / thick felt tips
Any colourful sticky tape you can find
Any stickers you have


Urdd Sports Workshops

Come keep fit by joining in with Urdd Sports Apprentices in a fun and energetic session covering fitness and multi-sports. Tom and Gethin will be leading us through a series of activities and you can take part as an individual or get the whole family involved – there will be something for everyone!

You will need:
• Tennis racket or frying pan
• Tennis ball or a pair of socks
• Rugby ball or a cushion
• A football or a balloon
• 4 balls or 4 pairs of socks


Circus Skills Workshop with Rhian Circus Cymru

In this lively workshop we will be learning how to create a series of moves with juggling balls, practicing throwing two balls at once and learning tricks with three balls. We’ll be finishing with a game of ‘Human Buckaroo’!

You will need: 3 juggling balls / tennis balls. If you don’t have any, bring along three pairs of socks. For the Buckaroo game you’ll need all kinds of objects from around the house – bonus points on the day if you can find the objects Rhian asks for!


Forest School Workshop

Join us for a creative session using natural resources. You’ll enjoy creating patterns with leaves and flowers and making your own character out of clay.

You will need:
Piece of thin white cotton
Rubber mallet
Green leaves and colourful flower petals
Piece of wood/stone to work on
Clay or play-dough
Natural resources to create hair, arms, legs, e.g. leaves, twigs, pine cones.

Ysgol Goedwig

Drama & Dance Workshop with Trystan & Rhianna

Our talented Dance & Drama tutors will be leading a lively session to bring the day to a close with drama games and top tips and plenty of dancing – one big party for you all to enjoy!

Trystan a Rhianna

Pom Pom Headband Workshop with Alis Knits

Funky pom pom headband workshop with Alis Knits! Flowery and colourful headbands are very popular fashion statements during festival season, so Alis wanted to show you how you can create your own! Be careful with using the glue gun, make sure you have some help from an adult when you’re sticking them onto your headbands! Enjoy!

llun Alis

Kizzy – behind the song

A specially recorded session for Tafwyl Digidol by multi-talented singer and songwriter Kizzy Crawford who is known for her unique style of soul, jazz and folk performances. There will be an opportunity for children of all ages to hear what inspires her when composing a song.


Efa Lois Bunting

Decorate your home and garden with special Tafwyl branded bunting created by Efa Lois! Here’s a downloadable template for you to print at home, and short how-to video!


Tie-Dye Workshop with Heini Thomas

Heini Thomas, who specialises in fashion design, will be showing two different ways and the effects of creating tie dye t shirts using items from around the house. Tie dye is everywhere this season and easy enough to do at home and a great way of jazzing up old t-shirts.

llun Heini

Top tips on how to vlog with Ameer

Come and discover how to vlog, with Ameer Davies-Rana! I’m sure everyone has heard of Vlogging these days, a great way to keep a live diary, so join the session for some top tips!


Tafwyl Paper Fortune-teller by Efa Lois

Remember these?! Print this template, watch the short tutorial to remind you how to fold – and enjoy!


‘Breathing and Relaxing’ Workshop with Eva Huw

Join yoga tutor Eva Huw in a ‘Breathe and Relax’ workshop, where you’ll learn two fun ways to connect with your breath, improve your focus and learn to relax. 

Llun Eva Huw

Rubicon Dance

A fun filled dance session with Aisling, with a warm up, task and a cool down for everyone to enjoy! Organised by Rubicon Dance – the community dance development organisation.


Performing Skills Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is a Welsh Soprano who has performed on iconic stages such as the Royal Albert Hall. She will be sharing some of her performing experience and tips on how to combat nerves and develop your performing skills.



This is a great chance for you to sing at the top of your voice with Cyw and friends. Follow the lyrics on screen, and in join in the fun with some uplifting and fun songs.

Organised by Boom Plant –