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Tafwyl x CAVC Arts Trail

This trail features work from 2021 Graphic Communication Foundation Degree students. For more information about the course go to

Opening Statement;

Graphic Communication Foundation Degree Students from Students from Cardiff and Vale College have worked with Tafwyl festival to produce an Arts trail in and around Cardiff. Starting at the castle and meandering down to the Bay the trail features ten stops at significant sights with cultural and emotional connections. Each location was given to a different student on the course and they have produced imagery in response to their point on the trail. This year the festival will be in the main an online event, but the intention of this trail is to provide a physical real-world presence in the city and aims to get the city’s residents outside.

Shuvo Rahman Cardiff Castle, CF10 3RB Stop 1

My stop, Cardiff Castle is first on the Arts Trail. For my design, I took inspiration from Welsh folktales and fantas. I believe that these two themes work really well in representing the atmosphere surrounding Wales and more specifically, Cardiff Castle. The main focal point of my poster is a bard, a character known to spread tales through their story telling. My reasoning behind it is that it visually depicts the festival in a subtle manner.

The design you see here has been inspired by playing cards, specifically Jacks, Queens and Kings, which symbolises the royal connection with the castle. Inside this castle there are ornate details, although you would not know this from outside. In order to indirectly represent this decoration, I chose to use Serif font, a type face with additional flair.

For any further inquiries, I am available at and my Instagram is raymen_design.

Joe Barry Clwb Ifor Bach, CF10 1BR Stop 2

I am a design student based just outside Cardiff. I have a background in sports graphic design, as well as photography and filmmaking. When I was commissioned to produce this piece, I was filled with excitement and a huge sense of opportunity. I was, and still am, keen to show what I am capable of creatively.

This trail was created by Tafwyl as a means of showing you the beauty of our city. Cardiff is filled with historical architecture, as well as modern-day wonders. Specifically for me, I found that Clwb Ifor Bach captured all that we love about Cardiff. A small, unassuming place packed with energy, passion and most importantly pride.

I was inspired by the nostalgic and energetic feel that the venue offers. Whilst being relatively young, it has been home to thousands of musicians. I was keen to show this in the imagery contained within the numbers. I chose the numbers “1983”, as this was the year that the club was founded. The idea of ‘young history’ is important to me, as I believe that no matter how old somewhere is, if they have history of any form they should be able to celebrate it with pride.

This piece was created by using a selection of found imagery. If you like my work, or would like to see further examples of work I have created then please see my Twitter – @jpegbyjoe.

Enjoy the rest of the trail!

Connor Dineen The Old Library, CF10 1BH Stop 3

My location is The Old Library located on the Hayes in the city centre. My stop is an important stop due to two factors; it’s historical importance to the city, being a Grade II listed building built in the 19th century and as this site is the home of our clients, Tafwyl.

For my design, I took inspiration from the history and architecture of the building and split my image in three sections each representing a different century. The image shows the library at the heart of a changing city as time goes by. The colourway chosen i fantastical, bright, and vibrant, my aim being to reflect the colourful nature of the festival.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this project and have learned many new skills as I’ve navigated through this project with Tafwyl. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to show my developing skills to the wider community in Cardiff. If you are interested in my design you can also check out my other freelance work at: @C_Dineen_Designs on Instagram!

Megan Edwards Cardiff Market, CF10 1AU Stop 4

I was tasked with producing an image that represents Cardiff Market. This image is a continuous line drawing laid in repeat. The text reads ‘feed the soul’ and links to the idea of supporting local business, the community that works here and shops with the traders and the opportunity afforded when you visit independent vendors who often proffer advice and chat.

The idea of the continuous line drawing was to visually represent the lively community.

Antony Hellinger The Principality Stadium Stop 5

This piece is located at Curado Bar.

My design has been produced for the Principality Stadium stop. The location provided a lot of options creatively. I decided to focus on famous sporting and music events that have taken place in the stadium. My main area of focus and interest is illustration, working with pencil and inks.

The drawing is of Welshman Kelly Jones from Stereophonics a well known musician who has performed at the Stadium. For the drawing I found pictures of Kelly as reference and tried to create a pose from the different photos I found. The image is a caricature of Kelly and showcases my illustration style.  The hand drawn black and white aesthetic gives it a simplistic look.

For further enquiries or if you’re looking for commissions you can check out my work on Instagram @ajh_designs and follow me on Twitter @hellinc2001. You can contact me via personal message on either platform.

Ryan Davies CAVC  Arts Academy, CF10 5DT Stop 6

My location on the trail is the CAVC Arts Academy and my stop relates to the growing city.

When creating my piece I wanted to include the iconic and recognisable Brains tower while also linking it to Cardiff/Wales. Brains has a huge presence within Cardiff. The original brewery was in the Old Brewery Quarter in Cardiff centre but moved to the Hancock site behind Cardiff Central Station in 2003 and again most recently in 2019 to East Moors. Although the brewery has moved location, the Hancock’s site will play a significant part in the city’s redevelopment as the former brewery buildings are transformed into offices, apartments, bars and restaurants. The brewery tower will still remain in its place.

The image of crosshatched towers in part represents welsh tapestry and weaving but also symbolise Tafwyl festival’s bringing people together. The blueprint backdrop is designed to suggest change. I made this decision as buildings require blueprints & plans prior to their construction. To create the piece I used my digital drawing skills.

For more information to for commission work contact me via
or using Instagram @ryan.davies_graphics.

Jovaughn Farquharson Cardiff and Vale College, CF10 5FE Stop 7

My location is Cardiff And Vale College on Dumballs Road. I think Cardiff and Vale College is a big part of Cardiff and its culture. It provides the city with quality education providing access to knowledge and enabling skill development.

My image for the trail represents knowledge. A hand drawn brain is filled with subjects you can study in the college. The aim of the piece is to help communicate some of the routes you can take while studying here. 

For further enquiries contact 

Jess Whittingham Loudon Square, CF10 5LE Stop 8

This piece is showcased at Academy @Platform.

I was given the location Loudoun Square. After some research on the history of my location I found an article from Wales Online discussing the demolition of some of the old buildings to make way for the modern blocks. This was the inspiration for the narrative of the piece, I started writing out a poem about this demolition to help get me in the mindset of the creative process. I drew influence for the concept of the final design from a famous designer Olly Moss, who created posters for Star Wars in this silhouette style. I thought it would work well visually while also conveying the narrative.   

In this final design I have created a scene of the historic, Victorian, Loudoun square situated inside a silhouette of one of the modern tower block buildings. Using blue and green colours for a ghostly appearance, I aimed to try and capture the beauty of ‘the jewel of tiger bay’. This piece was created entirely digitally. 

To see my other works go to Instagram: @jess_edesign. For commissions contact through Instagram DM or via email: 

James Harris Wales Millenium Centre, CF10 5AL Stop 9

My stop is the Wales Millenium Centre (WMC). I created a number of different ideas for the location, but this design is the one which really communicated the connection between centre and Welsh history.

In this piece, I chose to include the Welsh dragon, representing Welsh culture and a sketch of the WMC building as it is an iconic landmark in the capital. The image also features two theatre masks which  highlight the centres as theatrical productions, typography repeating the message written over the building and high-rise buildings in the backdrop representing the growing city and its people.

For commissions contact

Lowri Keane The Senedd, CF99 1SN Stop 10

Shwmae, helo! My name is Lowri Keane, I am 20 years old – born and raised in Cardiff.

I was tasked with the final stop on this trail – the Senedd, also known as the Welsh Parliament building. Regardless of the politics surrounding and embedded within the Senedd, I wanted to focus on its power to give the people of Wales a voice. It has brought a stronger, louder democracy to Wales, where everyone – regardless of background – can aspire to make a change. I wanted to express this in my illustration, showing the hands of the Welsh public reaching out towards the building, conveying the importance of communicating your beliefs. I wanted the colour palette to be simple, yet patriotic and unifying, tying the whole illustration together and reiterating those strong Welsh reds and whites. While this piece was created digitally, it was heavily inspired by fine-art print-making.

If you are interested in my artwork or want to follow me on my creative journey, I can be found on Instagram under the username @Lowridraws. I would love to hear your thoughts on my work there.

Thank you from me, and all of my peers for exploring our art trail today. I hope you have enjoyed discovering our city, whether that’s for the first or tenth time – Cymru am byth!