Welsh Learners

Are you learning Welsh or would you like to find out more about it?  If so, come to the Learners’ Tent.  Learn Welsh, Cardiff University have organised a full timetable for learners of all levels.

The Learners’ Tent will be full of excitement again this year with special guests on the stage, art and craft for the children, the Cant a Mil Vintage book stall, and a cafe open all day.  There will be many opportunities to practise your Welsh and meet other learners.

On the Saturday, you will be able to have fun with your children at the Welsh Rhymetime session, hear about a brand new series of books for Welsh learners and meet the singer Aled Rheon.  There will be an opportunity to learn about the Cardiff National Eisteddfod in 2018, and also a session about Welsh dialects with the Cardiff University lecturer, Dr Iwan Rees.  Come and listen to a question and answer session with the Pobol y Cwm actors and join us at the end of the day for some activities to practise your Welsh.

On the Sunday, you will be able to learn more about the author D. Geraint Lewis and his new book, DIY Welsh. Come and enjoy an inspirational play about the history of the Welsh language with the drama company, Mewn Cymeriad. Get some tips from a panel of Welsh learners from Cardiff, and join a session on how to remember vocabulary with a Welsh for adults tutor.