Llwyfan Y Porth

Sponsored by For Cardiff 


A performance space outside Cardiff Castle. Amongst the performers are:

Bass 12

A lively eight piece ‘Riot Jazz’ brass covers band; full of beans, straight outta New Orleans!


A lively young band of talented musicians who enjoy performing traditional Welsh melodies in a contemporary manner, together with exciting clog dancing and singing.

Band Pres Llareggub      

Llareggub Brass Band hail from a small town in North Wales and present a ferocious but flavoursome mix of Jazz and Hip Hop combined with a dash of Welsh Pop channeled by way of the age-old marching band tradition.


The carnival never stops for this Brazilian afro-percussion group.  The band encapsulates the carnival spirit, taking all the colour, energy and rhythms of Brazil wherever they go. Perfect for dancing in the sunshine like you just don’t care!


This year, Wonderbrass, Cardiff’s biggest, boldest, brassiest band, celebrate 25 years of making music in South Wales and beyond! Wonderbrass are an ‘explosion of sound’ bringing a mixture of New Orleans jazz, ska, funk and fun to this year’s Tafwyl.

Sesiwn Werin

Folk jamming session with some of Wales’ most exciting folk artists, including Calan, Vrï & Pendevig band members.