Efa Lois, originally from Aberystwyth is the amazing talented artist behind all of Tafwyl’s illustrations this year.

She is about to start her 6th year (of 7!) studying Architecture at The University of Liverpool. We are thrilled she agreed to work with us to develop Tafwyl’s new look for 2018! And we wish her all the best with her next adventure.

We met up for a little coffee recently to find out more about Efa and her work…

How do you feel about being Tafwyl’s illustrator for this years festival?

Being the illustrator for Tafwyl is an honour – I love the festival, and I have had so much fun attending in the past.

Are you enjoying seeing your drawings all over Cardiff walls / posters and billboards advertising Tafwyl?

It’s a very surreal experience – I still can’t believe it, to be honest. It’s an amazing feeling.

You must have a huge fan base by now! Where and how did the idea for your business Rhithganfyddiad come about?

Haha – I don’t know about that, but thank you very much! Rhithganfyddiad began during my year out, in the fourth year of my degree, when I was living in Cardiff Bay. The range of architecture that was lost in the bay, when ‘Cardiff Bay’ was built from the old ‘Tiger Bay’ is a tragedy. So many homes were lost, as well as a community, and a history that was extremely interesting and of key importance to modern Wales. I was inspired to start the project, with Morgan Owen, the poet, by looking at Butetown.

Our collection of prints has now expanded to contain other areas of Cardiff and beyond, with prints of more areas of Wales on their way!

Who are your biggest influences?

Artistically, my biggest influences are Tove Jansson and Kay Nielsen. I am also really inspired by architecture, and the folklore and landscape of Wales.

What or who are you most looking forward to see at Tafwyl ?

One of my favourite things about Tafwyl is the fact that you can walk around and discover new things, but I’m certainly excited to see Gareth Bonello, Beth Celyn, Candelas, Alun Gaffey and Patrobas – there’s so much to see! And Beirdd // Beats and the talk on Peace in the City sound very interesting.

What’s next in the life of Efa Lois ?

I am about to launch a range of t-shirts, featuring my illustrations, called ‘Golau Arall’ (@golau.arall on Instagram, and @GolauArall on Twitter), there are some exciting developments in my work with Prosiect Drudwen, and the collection of Rhithganfyddiad prints is constantly expanding. I’m also writing my dissertation!


I’m on Instagram and Twitter as @efalois.