A Yurt full of Q & A sessions, discussion panels, short plays, and stories.

Amongst the sessions are:


Cofion Ralgex

Lots of laughter (hopefully) as the author Llwyd Owen looks back and discusses memories (good & bad) of growing up in the capital city. Joining Llwyd will be broadcaster Huw Stephens, arts critic Lowri Haf Cooke, singer Ani Glass, and singer-songwriter, Aled Rheon. Anecdotes and stories that will certainly be worth hearing.

Hangover Yoga

If you’ve had a few too many drinks at Clwb Ifor or Mochyn Du, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is rolling out your yoga mat the next morning. But you should! A little yoga can speed the recovery process & set you up for another day of fun! A fun, relaxed session with yoga tutor Tara Bethan.

Bilingualism in Literature and the Creative Industries

Cardiff University lecturer Dr Lisa Sheppard will lead a discussion on bilingualism in literature and the creative industries. An opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities that bilingualism offers in the world of the creative industries and the arts.

Is there a shortage of Welsh second-language authors, and is there a lack of representation of English-speaking life in Wales on TV? Mared Swain & Alun Saunders will discuss.

Women and the Welsh language in Cardiff, 1840-1920

1840-1920 was a formative period in the history of Cardiff, but there has been a tendency to underestimate the importance of the Welsh community sometimes during these exciting years. Given even less attention is the history of the women of this community. Here is an opportunity to look at Welsh women’s lives during this period, in business, education, the arts, or indeed in the field of crime, with Dr Dylan Foster Evans.

Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border create, encourage and promote traditional storytelling for contemporary audiences.  They aim to ‘bring the World to Wales, and take Wales to the World’. Especially for Tafwyl, Beyond the Border have curated two sessions with Guto Dafis. Guto is a leading Welsh Language storyteller and musician, who has been exploring the Myths and Legends of Wales for over 30 years, and regularly performs at Festivals and venues throughout Wales. Guto will tell a selection of Welsh legends, enlivened with song and the music of his melodeon.

Electornic Cardiff

Twinfield, Recordiau Neb and Ani Glass will be chatting to Gareth Potter about the Welsh electronic music scene, a genre that has so often been overlooked, but which has by now started to find its roots and direction.


Education for all?

Education for all? A discussion on the challenges facing Welsh medium education in the capital. As a part of Cymdeithas yr Iaith in Cardiff’s ongoing campaign calling on the council to open ten Welsh medium primary schools by 2022, the group with be hosting a discussion exploring what’s preventing faster progress in the world of primary education in Cardiff.


O’r Pedwar Gwynt

Join literary magazine, O’r Pedwar Gwynt to challenge, reflect and question ideas about contemporary Wales and its place in the world.

Barti Ddu Show

Cunning Pirate of the Caribbean! Come and meet the most successful and flamboyant real-life pirate of them all – Black Bart! In the show you’ll find out fascinating and unexpected facts about Black Bart and a pirates life at sea! Presenting Welsh history to 6-11 year old with fun and excitement!

Yr Arglwydd Rhys Show

The Normans didn’t like him because he burnt their castles and took their land – which were his in the first place! Meet the brave warrior Lord Rhys in an interactive performance aimed at 6-11 year old. Learn more about this famous man – the first Welshman to build a stone castle in Wales, and who held the first ever Eisteddfod.